Indicators of Movement

The following is a list of items to look for which could be evidence of foundation movement. If you are experiencing two or more of these items, you might want to consider contacting us to schedule an inspection by one of our home foundation repair Structural and Drainage Experts.

* Cracks in mortar or brick

Fox Foundation Repairs

* Separation in brick frieze boards on outside of home--particularly at corners

Fox Foundation Repairs

* Cracks in interior drywall--either in ceiling or walls

Interior signs of movement

* Brick or trim separations from sides, top or bottom of windows and doors on outside of home

* Sloping floors in home

* Doors that won't open or close properly

* Doors that won't latch

* Windows that won't close properly or latch

* Separation, tearing or buckling of wallpaper or paneling

* Separation or unlevel trim at ceilings

* Separation of base trim from the floor

* Cracks in tile

In addition to these obvious indicators, poor drainage and/or improper maintenance could be leading to foundation movement.

Because the clay soil in this part of Texas is expansive, regular routine maintenance is very important.  Ask Fox for their maintenance report tips  that will assist in keeping the foundation in good condition.

Please contact us by phone 214-352-9427 or e-mail:, if we can be of service to you by providing further information or advice concerning your foundation or drainage



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